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Tibet the most thought-provoking country with vibrant cultural is to be found at the height of 5,000 meter with momentous destinations to stay as Tibet holiday packages in entire Asia. Stepping into the sacred land of Buddhist you will be gifted with monasteries and arts circled by huge mountain, ancient caravan and hidden landscapes. Through tours in Tibet you will definitely get to merge the tour with unworldly voyage as the best part of your life. Pure Adventure Nepal, the experienced Nepal trekking agency has packaged the trip in such mountain terrain where you can sense the dare after all you are thinking to move into the ‘Roof of the world’.

Tour in Tibet is supposed to be the finest place if you are willing to outlook the eye-pleasing sceneries starting from the undulating mounds, high plateau and attention-grabbing Himalayas. Tibet is as well recognized as the ‘The Last Shangri La’ where tranquility is the spread out all over the footsteps you stroll. The terrestrial and natural world has forever enthralls the visitors and it is further enhanced by the extensive history and religions hold by the Tibetans. The cultures and lifestyles of Tibet has influenced the natives of Nepal staying near to it so Pure Adventure Nepal is therefore take you to the origin of Tibetan culture.

To formulate trekking in Tibet or tour you have to contact us for apt Tibet tour itinerary or to discuss the season to travel. Once you will inward in Tibet via Nepal you will adore the Lhasa, Gyantse, Xhigatse and Tsedang. In comparison to the past record Tibet has been well known among the visitors and with that popularity people have even started to design biking tours in Lhasa. Proceeding to Tibet from Nepal seems feasible as the geographical setting and lifestyles match somehow with each other.