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What makes you click About Nepal? Whether it’s because of highest soaring peak of the world or as the birth place of light of Asia or due to its peculiar geographical features that has allured visitors, trekkers and mountaineers? Nepal is keep in mind as tangible and angelic cloud nine and without any hassle you can get general information about Nepal. From there on you will be stunned knowing amazing facts about Nepal. Tours and trekking, about Nepali culture or about Nepal history have astonished the outsiders. For that Pure Adventure Nepal with professional guides and team members can generate more ideas all about Nepal so quickly contact us for more details.

In the whole earth Nepal is sole nation with triangular flag to be found in the Southern part of Asia amid India and China with total area of 143,351 sq km. Likewise, seeing from weather condition you will get to understand the fluctuates in summer and winter. Depending upon the diverse climate you come across similar type of people, their cultures and natural vegetation. Being the wonder land you can go through exhilarating activities like rafting, bunging, paragliding, and rock climbing. In case you are searching for short and sweet trip we can assemble it in cheap price. Turning up in Nepal will compel you to think that Nepal is in fact blessed by nature. This is the reason why people from developed nation inward in tiny land lock nation. Bringing the updates this is the same land where Prince Harry, Selena Gomez, David Becham have enjoyed their stayed in Nepal.

When we chalk talk about Nepal it makes us reflectabout Nepal earthquakeand its massive destruction in an attempted to disfigure the beautiful Nepal. Yet Nepalese, the offspring of brave Gurkha are strong and facing the calamity and are optimistic one day we will rise again. So, why don’t you visit Nepal to identify more facts about Nepal?