Makalu Region

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Pure Adventure Nepal with adequateknowledge recommend you to proceed trekking in Makalu Region. Makalu region trekking is calculated as the region with the existence of 5th elevated mountain of whole planet with the soaring altitude of 8,463 meter. To trek Makalu one has to step facing Eastern face of Nepal. The region is sheltered by the Makalu Barun National Park and Conservation Project, enclosing 2,330 sq. km. To effectuate Nepal trek to Makalu region it was prohibited in the past. The region is expanded to 5 different ecological zones opening a good start for the trekkers.

In Nepal trekking regions Makalu has not been exposed as it should be yet the one who has before now accomplished trekking are mindful about its profoundness. The trekking trail differ from 850 meter to 5,000 meter bestowing notable natural world. Here, within the reach you can find plants nearly belong to all ecological zones such as sub-tropical, tropical, Sub-alpine, alpine and temperate. With the presence of widespread series of climatic diversity and altitude, the region provides outstanding and varied abode of flora and fauna. Immediately after going through the Makalu region trip packages trekkers will sense that they have stepped into the natural ecstasy embracing attractive Himalayan Mountains, unspoiled forest, diver plants along with humble native. Most of the trekkers prefer to trek in Makalu region in order to understand the customs followed by the natives in their unique manner.

Strolling into the north of the Arun Riverand then to Seduwa by passing Barun La with the height of 4,110 meter is considered as the attraction of trekking in Makalu plus heading into the Upper BarunKhola valley will bring about nearby appearance at Makalu. If you are planning to explore several unexplored places of Makalu then you can walk during autumn to November and February to May.